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Where to move in Charlotte?

Those moving to the Charlotte metro area (including all of Mecklenburg County) will find the area to be large and diverse.  Charlotte has new, growing areas, including a number of historic neighborhoods.


Moving to Dilworth
Dilworth is a historic area right outside downtown Charlotte (to the south). It is known for renovated homes from the 1930s and 40s. Dilworth is Charlotte’s first “streetcar” suburb, an area originally connected to the rest of the city by streetcar. The streets of Dilworth are lined with huge oak trees and the main street, East Boulevard, has numerous restaurants and retro shops. If you love boutique shopping and historic charm, moving to Dilworth might be for you.


Moving to Elizabeth
Elizabeth is southeast of downtown. This is another area that is home to large, old trees and old homes—a number of the homes in Elizabeth are on the National Register of Historic Places. The neighborhood is also home to two of Charlotte’s major hospitals: Presbyterian (the first hospital to perform a transcatheter aortic valve replacement) and Mercy, the first Catholic hospital in North Carolina, established in 1906. Those working at either hospital or who love historic homes may want to consider moving to Elizabeth.


Moving to South End
South End is located to the southwest of downtown Charlotte and is a relatively new residential neighborhood. The area used to be mostly industrial but has developed into a hub for designer-related businesses. Old mills and factories have been renovated and converted to offices and condos. As other cities have found, when this happens, residents start moving in as well. Those moving to Charlotte looking for a new residence close to the center city may find moving to South End appealing.


Moving to NoDa
NoDa (short for North Davidson) is yet another historic district and is home to many of Charlotte’s art galleries, music venues and theaters. This isn’t an  area to find houses, as most of the residential buildings are apartments and condos. The buildings are often Art Deco in style. Those working in or interested in art may want to consider moving to NoDa.


Moving to Myers Park
Myers Park is an affluent neighborhood, south of and similar to Dilworth. The homes are old and there are tree-lined streets. One difference is that the houses are higher end and significantly larger than in Dilworth. This area is home to many professionals and senior executives.


Moving to South Park
South Park is south of Myers Park and has nothing whatsoever to do with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It is a large neighborhood and home to one of the area's most prestigious shopping malls. The area also has a thriving business district which is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies. It's is almost a city within a city.


Moving to South Charlotte
South Charlotte is at the bottom of the Charlotte-Metro area and includes the Ballantyne neighborhood. This area is a relatively recent addition to the suburbs of Charlotte (appearing in the past 25-30 years); previously the area was farm land. South Charlotte is popular because it is new, sophisticated, and growing with good public schools. Moving to South Park might be for those looking for some extra space with a truly contemporary feel.


Moving to Cotswold/Wendover
Cotswold/Wendover, east of Myers Park and South Park, is similar to the two neighborhoods but closer to other parts of town. Housing in the  area is slightly lower cost than Myers Park and South Park. If you are on a budget, moving to Cotswold or Wendover may be for you.


Moving to University City
University City is to the northeast of downtown and, as you might imagine from the name, is home to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The area is growing fast as the university expands; UNCC, in a state known for basketball, also now has an up-and-coming football team. The first IKEA in Charlotte is in University City, and the neighborhood is also close to the Lowe's Motor Speedway... a major NASCAR venue.


Moving to Steele Creek
Steele Creek is in the southwest corner of the city, and has more space and land than most of the other neighborhoods in Charlotte. For several years now it has been growing in huge spurts with new developments that are affordable for first-time homebuyers (when compared to Myers Park, South Park and South Charlotte). Moving to Steele Creek is a good choice for first-time home buyers. The area is bordered by Lake Wylie and South Carolina... another attractive and very affordable area.


Moving to Matthews
Matthews is at the bottom, southeast corner of Mecklenburg County. Parts of the area are actually “country.” If you want a a bit more land and the feel of almost rural living, Matthews might be your area. Those moving to Charlotte and choosing Matthews as home are still close enough to the city to comfortably drive downtown for work.


Of course, there are numerous other great communities in the surrounding North Carolina and, yes, South Carolina towns, such as Belmont, NC; Fort Mill, SC; Mint Hill, NC and Pineville, NC.  For information about these areas, give me a call, I will be glad to help you find the perfect location to call home.